High-speed Internet boosts stay-at-home workers’ productivity in Saskatchewan

What does a high-speed Internet connection allow you to do?

For those who use Xplornet’s new, high-speed, up to 50 megabits per second service in the Humboldt area, the link provides uninterrupted streaming entertainment, a social connection with family and friends, and the ability to work more productively from home.

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“Increasingly, the new norm thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic will see more people working from home,” says Rhonda Adair, Xplornet’s district manager for Saskatchewan. “Contributing to this, employers are seeing productivity levels much higher than they expected. Many anticipated these levels to decrease, but in plenty of cases, the efficiency of their staff has surprisingly increased.”

Xplornet’s up to 50 megabits per second service compliments the needs of those stay-at-home workers, says Adair.

“We offer a healthy, reliable connection speed that helps cater to their needs. This is what our customers are asking for,” Adair adds.

The new doubled high-speed service was introduced last December and follows Xplornet’s philosophy to connect rural communities across Canada with the most up-to-date Internet service.

“We go to places and strive to deliver connections where larger Internet service providers will not,” Adair says, adding that even when many stay-at-home workers return to their offices after the COVID-19 pandemic health guidelines are lifted, high-speed connection will be there to help overcome additional seasonal problems that can hamper businesses.

“When we’re faced with large snowstorms in the region, many get snowed in. Now, we’ve overcome that barrier with the Internet connection speeds we deliver,” Adair says.

“Previously, many rural residents had limited connection options. Now, Xplornet offers a similar and seamless experience as they would get in the office.”

An additional bonus Xplornet customers are provided with is the freedom from data usage constraints.

“Thanks to unlimited data, there’s no fear of a pricey overage bill landing on your doorstep,” Adair says. “The service is included in one single price.”

For more information about how Xplornet can help you be connected, visit their website at: xplornet.com or call 1-844-883-3811.

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