Local schools medal at provincial track championships

EAST CENTRAL — Humboldt won three medals; Nipawin, Middle Lake and Naicam two medals; and Melfort, Lake Lenore, Viscount and Hudson Bay one medal at the high school track provincials.

The provincials were held in Moose Jaw June 7 and 8.

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Humboldt’s Kody McGinn received a gold medal for hurdles and a silver for long jump, while Jay Eichorst received a silver for triple jump. Both were competing in the midget boys’ category

Tomi Akinwuntan of Nipawin placed second in high jump in the midget boys, while Kira Comfort placed second in hurdles in the junior girls.

For Middle Lake, senior boy Masson Altrogge won two bronzes, one for hurdles and one for the 400 metre.

Ty Willness, a junior boy from Naicam, placed second in the 1,500 metre and third in the 3,000 metre.

Senior girl Mackenzie Johnson of Melfort placed second in the quad.

Jace Collins placed third in the hurdles. He is a junior boy.

Connor Tetzlaff of Viscount won a silver in the senior boys’ high jump.

Hudson Bay’s Brendan Bank placed third in the midget boys’ 3,000 metre.


Midget Girls

Name  Town Event Place
Cara Dobrahoczki Middle Lake 800m 4
Erin Kirkland Tisdale Discus 4
Enjai Sikora Porcupine Plain Javelin 4
Yetunde Ige Melfort Shotput 5
Kaitlyn Mau Lanigan 200m 9
Cara Dobrahoczki Middle Lake 400m 9
Carson Stadnyk Humboldt Triple Jump 9
Erin Kirkland Tisdale Shotput 9
Katie MacLean Humboldt 1500m 10
Gaby Lefebvre St. Brieux 3000m 10
Kaitlyn Mau Lanigan 100m 11
Katie MacLean Humboldt 800m 11
Paige Wuchner Muenster Long Jump 13
Breanna Clark-Bartel Lanigan High Jump 14
Paige Wuchner Muenster Triple Jump 14
Gaby Lefebvre St. Brieux 1500m 15
Sarah Yeadon Melfort Long Jump 15
Kalli Stegemann Porcupine Plain Javelin 15
Eriza Custodia Humboldt High Jump 16
Yetunde Ige Melfort Discus 16
Michaela Jensen Melfort 1500m 18
Breanna Clark-Bartel Lanigan 3000m 18
Hailey Craig Hudson Bay High Jump 18
Sarah Yeadon Melfort Triple Jump 21
Peyton Haight Nipawin 800m 22
Bree Chamokese Melfort Triple Jump 22
Makayla Glessman Bruno Discus 23
Kalli Stegemann Porcupine Plain Long Jump 26


Junior Girls

Name  Town Event Place
Kira Comfort Nipawin Hurdles 2
Juliana Engele-Lueke Humboldt 3000m 4
Hailey Perkins Star City Discus 5
Juliana Engele-Lueke Humboldt 1500m 6
Emma Abrey Humboldt Quad 6
Kiana Leicht Humboldt Hurdles 7
Alyssa Regie LeRoy 800m 7
Rayanne Hoeflicher Middle Lake 1500m 7
Morgan Otsig Middle Lake Quad 7
Rayanne Hoeflicher Middle Lake 400m 8
Aime Breker Humboldt Triple Jump 8
Kira Comfort Nipawin 100m 10
Alyssa Regie LeRoy 400m 10
Rayanne Hoeflicher Middle Lake 800m 10
Hailey Perkins Star City Shotput 10
Kiana Leicht Humboldt 100m 11
Claire Daubenfeld St. Brieux 3000m 11
Kira Comfort Nipawin 200m 12
Kiana Leicht Humboldt Triple Jump 13
Yshie Mendiola Melfort High Jump 14
Amy  Sundquist Watrous High Jump 15
Lauren Hinz Humboldt Discus 15
Aime Breker Humboldt Long Jump 16
Lauren Hinz Humboldt Shotput 16
Alyssa Oledon Humboldt Discus 17
Rebekah Dagenais Vonda 3000m 18
Rebekah Dagenais Vonda 800m 19
Rebekah Dagenais Vonda 1500m 19
Sydney Hilbert Humboldt Long Jump 19
Brynne Bunyan LeRoy Shotput 20
Joahnna Remonde Melfort High Jump 21
Jayne Waterhouse Naicam 1500m 23
Sasha Nakonechny Choiceland Long Jump 23
Hannah Watt Hudson Bay Shotput 23
Sasha Nakonechny Choiceland Triple Jump 25
Jayne Waterhouse Naicam Long Jump 28
Andrea Blair Choiceland Triple Jump 28


Senior Girls

Name  Town Event Place
Mackenzie Johnson Melfort Quad 2
Brenna McRae Nipawin Hurdles 6
Jessica Smith Star City Shotput 6
Brenna McRae Nipawin Triple Jump 7
Tessa Yurkowski Carrot River Discus 7
Tessa Yurkowski Carrot River Javelin 7
Kelly Romaniuk Humboldt Hurdles 8
Avery South Melfort Long Jump 9
Jaedyn Rudichuk Wakaw Discus 9
Makenna Gerwing Humboldt 800m 10
Makenna Gerwing Humboldt 400m 11
Avery South Melfort 100m 12
Josee Bussiere Vonda 800m 12
Jade Smith Lake Lenore 3000m 12
Abbie Korte Muenster Quad 12
Kelsey Parsons Middle Lake 800m 13
Jade Smith Lake Lenore 1500m 13
Brenna McRae Nipawin 100m 15
Vera Woloshyn Naicam High Jump 15
Brenna McRae Nipawin Long Jump 15
Tessa Yurkowski Carrot River Shotput 15
Kelsey Parsons Middle Lake 1500m 16
Jazmine Stadnyk Humboldt Triple Jump 17
Kelly Romaniuk Humboldt Long Jump 18
Makenzie Kovacs St. Brieux 3000m 19
Jaedyn Rudichuk Wakaw Shotput 19
Falyn Swenson Kinistino Long Jump 20
Jessica Smith Star City Discus 22
Jordyn Espenant Hudson Bay High Jump 25
Shelby Wenig Kinistino Shotput 27


Midget Boys

Name  Town Event Place
Tomi Akinwuntan Nipawin High Jump 2
Brendan Bank Hudson Bay 3000m 3
Dayton Uchacz Lanigan Long Jump 4
Brendan Bank Hudson Bay 1500m 5
Tomi Akinwuntan Nipawin Triple Jump 5
Landon Stromme Choiceland 1500m 6
Landon Stromme Choiceland 3000m 6
Ben Yungman Humboldt Triple Jump 7
Ben Yungman Humboldt Hurdles 8
Landon Stromme Choiceland 800m 8
Dalton Wolfe Lanigan 800m 9
Ryan Radloff Nipawin 400m 10
Spencer Bergermann Humboldt Hurdles 11
Ritchy Brundage Nipawin 100m 11
Tomi Akinwuntan Nipawin Long Jump 12
Conner Letendre Carrot River Javelin 12
Jordan Guest Bjorkdale Discus 13
Brendan Bank Hudson Bay 800m 14
KC Rees Choiceland Javelin 14
Seth Zwozda Hudson Bay Shotput 15
KC Rees Choiceland Discus 16
Riley Sylvestre Muenster 3000m 18
Chayce Garchinski Melfort Shotput 18
Koby Faubert Wadena 1500m 19
Zach Holaday Humboldt High Jump 19
Gavin Cook Kinistino 800m 20
Gavin Cook Kinistino 3000m 20
Ryan Radloff Nipawin Triple Jump 20
Cooper Isherwood Watrous Shotput 20
Dalton Wolfe Lanigan 1500m 21
Reece Crone Annaheim 800m 23
Kyle Albay Nipawin High Jump 23
Cody Newton Choiceland Long Jump 27


Junior Boys

Name  Town Event Place
Kody McGinn Humboldt Hurdles 1
Ty Willness Naicam 3000m 2
Kody McGinn Humboldt Long Jump 2
Jay Eichorst Humboldt Triple Jump 2
Jace Collins Lake Lenore Hurdles 3
Ty Willness Naicam 1500m 3
Liam Jennett Watrous Javelin 4
Teijan Abel-Douglas Humboldt 400m 5
Tim Robins Melfort Javelin 5
Vladyslav Yankin Hudson Bay Javelin 5
Teijan Abel-Douglas Humboldt 800m 6
Kody McGinn Humboldt High Jump 6
Finlay Hart Humboldt 200m 8
Ty Willness Naicam 800m 9
Jay Eichorst Humboldt Long Jump 9
Kolby Janzen Carrot River Hurdles 11
Garrett Miller St. Brieux 1500m 11
Luke Stadnyk Humboldt Javelin 11
Skyler Varga Muenster Triple Jump 12
Carson Gerwing Lake Lenore 3000m 14
Riley Larratt Nipawin Triple Jump 14
Riley Larratt Nipawin Hurdles 15
Isaac Jensen Watrous Shotput 15
Lucas Taylor Melfort Triple Jump 17
Gavin Fitch Watson 3000m 18
Lucas Taylor Melfort Long Jump 19
Daylin Dyck Melfort 800m 21
Vladyslav Yankin Hudson Bay High Jump 21
Kaden Jung Melfort High Jump 21
Kalem Adams Birch Hills Discus 21
Colton Skopliak Hudson Bay Long Jump 22
Jay Eichorst Humboldt Discus 23
Dylan Yeadon Melfort Shotput 24
Daylin Dyck Melfort 1500m 26
Tim Lewis Choiceland Shotput 26
Tysen Telawsky Melfort Discus 27


Senior Boys

Name  Town Event Place
Connor Tetzlaff Viscount High Jump 2
Masson Altrogge Middle Lake Hurdles 3
Masson Altrogge Middle Lake 400m 3
Chase Kozun Carrot River Shotput 4
Kael Herzberg Melfort Triple Jump 5
Cody Bauml Lake Lenore Javelin 6
Masson Altrogge Middle Lake 200m 7
Sean Usselman Melfort Discus 7
Jan Mark Rosalin St. Brieux Quad 7
Masson Altrogge Middle Lake 100m 8
Dalton Kiedrowski Lake Lenore 1500m 8
Maverick Cromartie Birch Hills Triple Jump 8
Dalton Kiedrowski Lake Lenore 3000m 9
Cole Johnson Annaheim Triple Jump 9
Calder Gerwing Lake Lenore 800m 11
Maverick Cromartie Birch Hills Long Jump 11
Braeden Fleischhacker Humboldt Triple Jump 11
Carter Sawchuk Quill Lake High Jump 12
Dalton Kiedrowski Lake Lenore 800m 13
Kyle Schuler Muenster 3000m 13
Alex Hinz Muenster Javelin 14
Joel Schemenauer Lake Lenore 1500m 15
Calvin Dyck Melfort Triple Jump 16
Matthew McGrath LeRoy Javelin 16
Cody Bergermann Humboldt Quad 16
Cole Johnson Annaheim Long Jump 17
Justin Broekel Star City Quad 17
Luc Marleau Tisdale Quad 21
Reece Nelson Kinistino 3000m 23
Seth Dillon Porcupine Plain High Jump 23
Seth Dillon Porcupine Plain Long Jump 23
Sean Usselman Melfort Javelin 24
Chase Kozun Carrot River Discus 26


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