Ministerial message: Proof positive He knows, hears and loves you

I have heard people boast of a skepticism when it comes to the things of, and even reality of, God.

Whatever the cause of a person’s doubts of the existence of the real and living presence of the Almighty, I want to share a few things that may help the honest seeker of truth. He has not made it hard for you to get to know Him.

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History is rich with accounts of people who found Divine help and got answers to puzzling questions in life. However, first I’d like to tell you, of my own experiences.

When I was in college, I prayed and asked God to find me a life partner that knew how to pray and would be helpful to me in my life calling. I found such a person in a Saskatchewan farm girl. However, I was to be challenged within two years, as she was diagnosed by the doctor as having a serious kidney condition that required surgery to remove a kidney if she wanted to live. She chose to refuse the surgery and chose prayer. I had finished school by this time and was living about eight hours away. I awaked in the night, unaware of the doctor’s words (This was before cell phones), and felt I needed to pray. My wife and her dorm mates were also praying. I heard from her the next day, and was made aware that God had completely healed her.

We have had to pray for a lot of things through our 57 years together. Sometimes it was about directions to take, other times it was for financial needs, or for other people’s concerns. We have travelled many hours on land or air. Never did we go without inviting the Lord’s help and protection. Why would we? No one can say he lives to himself, or by himself.

Many times I have lost something of value and gone to the Lord in prayer. He miraculously showed me where to find the thing. One time I was golfing and when I got back, I was missing my glasses. They were in a dark green case. Where would a person find a green object on a golf course. So I prayed as I returned to look on the course. I’m not a good golfer, so I spend some time in the rough off the sides of the fairways. I asked the Lord to direct me. His eyes go everywhere to show Himself strong on the behalf of those who love Him. I found them in the long rough grass. Once I was helping a farmer with combining. During the day, I couldn’t find my cell phone. You don’t find something like a cell phone in a stubble field. I prayed. God guided my search to the spot.

The Lord came to the earth as a Saviour, and healer. It has been our pleasure since getting to know the Lord, to pray for others for healing, direction, and salvation. Nothing is too dramatic. God has answered many of these prayers in a wonderful way. Jesus told us in His gospels that we should not worry. Instead we should pray and God cares, and will answer simple prayer.

One thing I’ve discovered from reading the Bible is that God really loves people and He invites us to walk in His love. That is why we have a cross. With His arms stretched out as the soldiers nailed Christ on the cross because of the accusations against Him, Jesus paid for all the mistakes of our lives, filled with blunders and sometimes rebellion. I just want to tell you that He loves you without limit and invites you to be a part of His life and plans. If you think you’re not good enough, let me tell you that Jesus preferred spending His time and power on the people that nobody liked. That’s real love. Will you accept it? Will you believe Him?

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