Ministerial message: It’s a time to be kind

Most, if not all world religions have among their basic principles what we sometimes refer to as The Golden Rule; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

Originally it appears in Leviticus 19: 18, but we know that Jesus referred to it in Matthew 7: 12 and again in Luke 6: 31. We also know that Jesus understood it as the second Great Commandment when he said; “love your neighbour as yourself”.

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In the current situation we find ourselves in the Golden Rule/ Second Great Commandment can help us avoid all kinds of calamity, chaos and hurt feelings because no matter what cultural or religious worldview we adhere to it is sage wisdom and good advice to treat others the way we want to be treated.

Early in the pandemic I shared a message I hoped would be a reminder that even though we approach things differently, the best course of action is always for us to respect each other and be kind when moving through uncertain times. Recently, I was asked to share this message again.

Given that fall is now upon us with a whole new set of circumstances and concerns I have adapted the original message below as another gentle reminder for all of us; be kind.

As we are all trying to figure out how to ease into this fall season as part of a new normal, please remember:

  • Some people don’t agree with the way our government and community organizations are handling things… that’s okay. Be kind.
  • Some people are planning to keep their children home from school, others are sending children back to school, and some are not sure yet.... that’s okay. Be kind.
  • Some people are still scared of getting the virus and a second wave happening.... that’s okay. Be kind.
  • Some are sighing with relief to go back to work and get back into routine.... that’s okay. Be kind.
  • Some are thankful they can finally have the surgery or procedure they have put off.... that’s okay. Be kind.
  • Some will be able to attend interviews again after months without a job.... that’s okay. Be kind.
  • Some will wear masks, some won’t.... that’s okay. Be kind.
  • Some will gather with friends, go to a concert and out for a meal.... that’s okay. Be kind.
  • Some will be comfortable with the way things are unfolding, some will not.... that’s okay. Be kind.

The point is that everyone has different viewpoints and feelings.... that’s okay. Be kind.

We each have a different story. If you need to stay home, stay home. But be kind. If you need to go out, respect others when in public, do your best to keep yourself and others safe and be kind. Don’t judge fellow humans because you are not in their story. We are all in very different mental health states then we were months ago. So remember, just be kind to each other... as we always should be.


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