Ministerial message: Christmas a time of stories

Christmas is a time for stories, and I would like to share one with you...

“Once upon a time, a woman who had a big heart but little money, dreamt she could give her friends endless riches.

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When she awoke, she wondered, “If I could give anything to those I love, what would it be?”

She smiled as she thought about all the wonderful things she could buy for them.

But then she thought “I am a happy person, yet I have none of these things”.

Knowing then that real wealth cannot be measured in “things” she pondered the meaning of Christmas. Taking out a pen she began to write....

On the first day of Christmas, I pray for you serenity.

On the second day of Christmas, I pray for you tears to heal your soul.

On the third day of Christmas, I pray for you wisdom.

As she went through the days of Christmas she added peace, compassion, patience, abundant joy, courage, meaningful work to do, unwavering faith, hope, and ended with “a heart full of love”.

And as she wrote each word she realized she was not giving a gift at all, but praying that her friends would find the gifts they already had within them.

In this season may you be open to God’s presence in the birth of the Christ Child. And may each of you find the true meaning of Christmas through sharing the gifts of God’s Spirit, which are already within you.

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