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What is happening to the citizens of Greece regarding their monetary dilemma, is the final stage of a catastrophe in industrialized countries whereby monetary wealth and control is being concentrated in the greedy hands of global corporations and individualists. On a world wide basis, trillions of dollars, through secretive means, are illegally being spirited out of jurisdictions where profits were made, and deposited into nominal headquarters in another jurisdiction to avoid the payment of legal taxes.

In the 1960’s, the city of London became a haven for tax avoidance interests. There are a number of other off-shore shelters that will now accommodate such transactions, such as the Cayman Islands, where private Canadian banks do have a presence.

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Harper’s government has cancelled or terminated a number of federal programs, such as the long census form, which could indicate the number of people in Canada living in poverty. Also eliminated in 2008 was the Access to Information Data Base, used by journalists and researchers. Since 2010 the government has dismissed more than 2000 federally appointed scientists. All this information is revealed in a 130 page book, “The Arrogant Autocrat” by the well-known true Canadian author, Mel Hurtig.

According to a 2014 Broadbent Institute study done from 2005 to 2012, the poorest 10 per cent of Canadians saw their net worth fall by 150 per cent, while Canada’s wealthiest net worth increased by 42 per cent.-- The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has noted that 20 per cent of Canada’s richest families, take home almost 50 per cent of all income. But regarding Canada’s real wealth, 70 per cent is owned by 20 per cent of Canada’s wealthiest people.

In the meantime Canada’s national debt has increased by approximately $160 billion, and now stands at over $600 billion.

Pope Francis has become a spiritual beacon in speaking out about the effects of climate change  and on behalf of the world’s poverty stricken human beings.

These certainly are indications that the costs of meeting the basic “needs” of humanity, are grossly exceeded by the “greed” of some global corporations and wealthy individuals.

Leo Kurtenbach
Saskatoon, SK

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