Tisdale RCMP responds to garbage can theft

TISDALE — The Tisdale RCMP responded to three thefts under $5,000 in a two week period, including a garbage can theft.

The garbage can was quickly located, with the can being abandoned on 97th Street.

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“I don’t think the market for garbage cans is in high demand right now,” said Cpl. Mike Benjamin, with the Tisdale RCMP. “There are no garbage can chop shops in the area.”

Benjamin said this is the first garbage can theft he has heard of.

“You’ll see them moved from time to time but I haven’t heard of it in my five years.”

The RCMP said they aren’t sure of the motive of the theft, but suspect someone decided to “take the garbage can for a joy ride.”

The matter is still under investigation.

The second of the thefts under $5,000 is regarding a person who took fuel without paying.

The RCMP believes the individual forgot to pay.

“The initial call was that they left and our member was able to quickly locate them and remind them, ‘hey, you forgot,’” Benjamin said. “They took care of it right away.”

No charges were laid in this case.

Benjamin said taking fuel without paying by accident is something that “happens quite a bit.”

“Either they thought they paid or they got distracted or they got a phone call.”

The third theft under $5,000 was from a residence in Tisdale.

“There was no break-in, they just reported some items missing and we’re still looking into possibly who did it.”

The matter is currently under investigation with a suspect.

In the two week period of Oct. 30 to Nov. 13 the Tisdale RCMP responded to 66 calls for service. This includes three fraud related offences, two offences of driving while disqualified, two motor vehicle insurance offences where people are driving without insurance, two impaired drivers reported, three collisions and a missing person who was quickly located.

Benjamin said driving while disqualified means someone has either a provincial or criminal suspension on their license.

“Usually they will be flagged for impound, which means the vehicle is towed, there are charges, they have to go to court — either way, whether it’s provincial or criminal.”

He explained a suspension may be a result of having unpaid tickets or not attending driving without impairment classes after an impaired driving charges.

“Or if you have been involved in a collision and damages were assessed against you and you don’t pay those damages — well then your license is suspended.”

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