Tisdale considering banning pit bulls and other select dog breeds

TISDALE — The Town of Tisdale are considering a bylaw that would ban ownership of pit bulls and other unspecified dog breeds within the town.

Brad Hvidston, Tisdale’s administrator, said this is following council and administration being approached by members of the community with concerns regarding dangerous dogs, and asked council to explore the idea of banning pit bulls.

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“There have been a number of incidents recently involving unprovoked attacks and aggressive behaviour of dogs in Tisdale that have brought this issue to the forefront,” Hvidston said.

“As a result of this public concern, the mayor and council are considering a bylaw that would prohibit, or at least restrict, the ownership of dangerous breeds of dogs in town.”

While the other dog breeds council is examining are currently unspecified, Hvidston said that residents could get an idea of the breeds that they will look at banning by Googling “top 10 dangerous breeds of dogs”.

“They talk about rottweilers, and doberman pinschers and german shepherds.”

The bylaw would exclusively target new dogs brought into the town.

Hvidston said any preexisting pets would likely be grandfathered in to the restriction to not create hardship on current pets and their owners.

Penalties for breaking the bylaw have yet to be discussed.

“We haven’t gotten that far down the road, likely we wouldn’t euthanize the dog. Likely we would impose a fine on the resident and then there would be a recurring fine for x amount of dollars for every day the dog remained in town. So it would be accumulative.”

At this time, the mayor, council and administration is looking for constructive community feedback on this proposed restriction, as well as they will be conducting further investigation into how to handle these dog breeds.

If community members would like to provide input into this proposed restriction, the town encourages them to reach out by speaking to them directly, or they can send an email to contact@tisdale.ca with their comments and name.

“The goal of council right now is get it out in the public, get people talking about it and get some feedback— get what the pulse is,” Hvidston said. “Because it’s a little bit controversial, they want to know if there would be people for or against it or what the general thought out there is.”

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