Residents get taste of Cudworth

Cudworth’s multiculturalism was on display once again as the community hosted their annual Taste of Cudworth event on Aug. 24.

Taste of Cudworth, which is hosted by the Cudworth Museum, provides residents with an opportunity to taste Cudworth’s multicultural history.

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“This is extremely important for our community because it celebrates our culture. We have an opportunity to celebrate our museum and raise money for the museum and to provide an experience for people to come out and just enjoy each other and all of the cultures that represent our community,” said Cudworth Mayor Elaine Olexson.

Many cultures were on display this year including but not limited to German, Ukrainian, Chinese, and Korean cuisine, said Olexson.

“We have a wide variety of cultures here.”

With Cudworth, a community of just 814 people, boasting many different cultures, Olexson says it is just an example of how inclusive the community is.

“We welcome new people to our town. We’re happy to have them, we like to celebrate their culture as well as the cultures that originally settled in our community so it’s a wonderful place to be with lots of community spirit.”

Of course, with many cuisines available, including some residents may not always get the chance to try, Olexson says Taste of Cudworth is not only a chance to showcase the cuisine, but is a chance for people to try small samples of many different flavours.

“It gives people the opportunity to get a taste of everything and that’s what people enjoy is having a little bit of everything,” says Olexson.

The Taste of Cudworth event is a fundraiser for the Cudworth Museum, who are raising close to $10,000 to pay for building staining, which they just completed.

The event is also typically held at the Museum, but with threatening weather in the forecast it was moved to the community hall.

“We like to have the museum because of course we’ve got a new photographic display up in the museum that we would have liked to have featured. And our museum has just been newly stained and redone on the outside,” said Olexson.

“It’s a heritage museum so we try and keep it as original as possible so we would have liked to have shown that off but of course the weather didn’t cooperate so we do the next best thing.”

Taste of Cudworth also featured live entertainment, which Olexson says is another important part of the day.

“We’ve had German singers, and we’ve had the Little German Band out of Humboldt and we’ve had lots of different entertainment groups and try to vary them every year because that’s part of culture too, the music as well as the food.”

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