Nipawin Kinsmen offering supplies delivery

NIPAWIN — The Nipawin Kinsmen are offering assistance to get groceries and supplies for community members who are in self-isolation.

This includes elderly, immunocompromised residents, residents who may be too anxious to go out in public, and residents who are under quarantine.

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Those using the service would phone the Kinsmen and tell them what they want. The Kinsmen then send a photo of the receipt and arrangements to pay are made.

Spencer Maxwell, the Kinsmen’s vice president, said that while they’d prefer using  e-transfers, for residents who don’t know how to pay that way, they can call ahead to the store and send their credit card information.

“If people are able, we would prefer e-transfer, so we could just discuss it over the phone,” Maxwell said. “If we have to use cash, we’re not entirely sure. We haven’t talked about that yet, but we would have to figure something out.”

The Kinsmen began offering the service on March 15. As of March 25, Maxwell said they have yet to make a delivery – but are keeping the program active, should things change.

“I think in small town Nipawin, everyone’s kind of supplied at the better part of their lives, anyway. We have had a few people calling, inquiring how it might work in the event they did need it.”

Maxwell partially credits the lack of use of people calling to the accommodations put forward by local grocers.

“We have really good support [from the] grocery stores in the town, and a lot of the other businesses in town are also offering free delivery services,” he said. “Honestly, all the businesses in town have stepped up immensely.”

Maxwell said that one good thing that came out of the delivery service, despite its lack of use, is other clubs in the province have reached out to them and started offering their own delivery services.

“Half a day after we put that up, they were messaging saying, ‘We’re going to do the same.’ And I think in Estevan they’ve been doing a lot of deliveries. So it’s kind of almost become a Kinsmen movement a little bit, which is cool and nice to see.”

The Nipawin Kinsmen are recommending that anyone who has an abundance of supplies or non-perishable food items donate what they can to the Salvation Army.

To contact the Kinsmen for assistance, call Maxwell at 306-270-0351 or Jeff Hrynkiw at 306-230-6778.

“I’m just really proud of our town, because all the businesses and everyone is coming together,” Maxwell said. “That’s nice to see because you don’t often see that, you know?”

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