Humboldt seeking senior residents’ input

HUMBOLDT — The Humboldt Age Friendly Committee is seeking the input of seniors’ from around the city to influence the future direction and goals of the organization.

Senior residents of the City of Humboldt are encouraged to respond to a comprehensive survey around issues such as transportation, infrastructure, communication, community supports and senior housing.

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“We want to get some direction as we plan toward improvements in our community, and the physical and social environment aged people live in. We’re looking for some clear direction what they want,” said Roger Nordick, committee member and city liaison.

Surveys can be picked up at the Humboldt City Hall during business hours, and are requested to be completed by Sept. 30 to be counted into the results.

For the purpose of the survey, Nordick said they’re focused on residents who are 60 or over.

“We’re hoping to reach out to 200, 300 or 400 people in the community and get their thoughts on it,” he said. “We can tally up what the thoughts are and lean into the ones that are important for the most people.”

The completed survey can be returned to City Hall during business hours, or dropped in their afterhours letter slot on the right side of the main door.

The Humboldt Age Friendly Committee is a newer organization, started as a program of the Saskatchewan Senior Mechanism (SSM).

The SSM is a non-profit, volunteer organization that serves to act as an umbrella to bring together the province’s seniors’ organizations to contribute to a better quality of life for the older adults.

While the Humboldt Age Friendly Committee is not a part of the City of Humboldt, Nordick said the city is supportive of their efforts.

“The city very much approves of the direction this committee is going, and they’re there and have offered to assist us in any way they can,” Nordick said.

“With the surveys, they assisted us with some of the printing, they’ve offered to distribute to those who maybe don’t live in a senior’s complex like Caleb, or the Harry Ford Center.”

He said one item the committee has been discussing is transportation issues in the community.

“I myself personally know a couple people who need to go to Saskatoon for very brief moments to do with medical issues and they have trouble sometimes getting there, and it’s costly. So we’re trying to look at different avenues to improve the lives of our citizens.”

Other issues discussed by the committee include public washroom access in the downtown corridor, social inclusion, housing, and employment opportunities for seniors.

“People are living a little longer now and being healthier a little longer, there should be some types of employment opportunities and there used to be a program,” Nordick said. “It was one where you could go over to the Chamber of Commerce and put your name in if you wanted an afternoon job, or a morning job, or two-hours-a-day cutting grass, or whatever.”

The Humboldt Age Friendly Committee is also looking for seniors interested in serving the community by being part of the age friendly initiatives in the city.

For people who are interested in finding out more about how they can be involved or for more information about the survey, Nordick can be contacted at 306-682-5775.

“I would just like to thank anybody that takes the time to participate in this survey that’s going to move Humboldt forward in developing a strategy for the community.”

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