Carrot River flower pot vandal caught

CARROT RIVER — The adult who destroyed several flowers along Carrot River’s Main Street has agreed to pay for the cost of the damage as well as write an apology for the act.

The eight flower pots were vandalized the morning of July 21, with petunias removed and thrown onto the pavement and sidewalk.

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The individual was caught in surveillance footage with what Kevin Trew, the town’s administrator, referred to as “manhandling” the plants.

The town chose to go through restorative justice rather than the court system. Mediated by the RCMP, the town has agreed to accept compensation as well as an apology for the destruction of the plants in the amount of $600.

The cost was the approximate cost for the plants, soil and cleanup.

“Restorative community justice is something the town is very supportive of,” Trew said. “If you can make amends for your misdeeds by working for the community or doing something… If you can do that the town is very supportive of it.”

In return, the town agreed to not publish the name of the adult and will not be pursuing any further compensation or legal action.

 “We can put the funds toward next year’s plant population,” Trew said.

“The wear and tear of hardship for those of us who put them together, that’s priceless. We can’t put a price on that.”

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