No Frills releases a surprisingly awesome rap song about COVID safety at the grocery store (VIDEO)

The latest sign that these truly are unprecedented times comes from a Canadian discount grocery store chain that released an electro-rap song and video about COVID-19 safety that is actually pretty great.

Last Week No Frills dropped “A Cart Apart,” a banger of a track with lyrics that encourage proper physical distancing while shopping. While an extremely catchy beat plays, the auto-tuned singer hits topics such as proper hand washing, the importance of not hoarding, and a suggestion to shop at off-peak hours.

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“Try to leave the fam at home, just like the bags I own,” the MC rhymes in a quick and catchy rap. “We all in this together. So be kind to each other. And don’t over handle the produce.”

The No Frills chain, owned by Loblaw Companies Limited, has more than 200 stores across nine Canadian provinces, including several in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

The song has racked up more than a million views on YouTube since it was released May 7. Words don’t do it justice though – just get your dance shoes on, crank it up, and shop safe out there. Here's the video:

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