Delta looks to help construction industry

The City of Delta is trying to make things a little easier for rezoning applications during the pandemic.

Council this week at its online meeting voted to extend third reading for in process zoning amendment applications and waive public hearings for qualifying rezoning applications.

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Delta usually requires rezoning application requirements be completed within one year of third reading by council to ensure that projects move forward in a timely manner.

Rezoning application requirements usually include completing the detailed engineering design, executing legal documents and paying applicable fees and security deposits.

Typically, one year is sufficient time for applicants to complete all third reading requirements, according to the planning department, however, during this time it’s anticipated that many applicants will require additional time to complete requirements.

Council has now has extended applications which would expire before Jan. 15, 2021 be extended to that date and those applications not be referred to a new public hearing.

“Staff continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation, actions being taken by other government offices, and implications for the development and construction industries. If needed, staff will bring forward any other available actions to reduce pressures on the development and construction industries as appropriate as the situation evolves,” a staff report notes.



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