Tisdale Library holding passport Culture Days event

TISDALE — The Tisdale Community Library is holding a passport-themed game for its annual Culture Days event.

The event takes place at 5 to 7 p.m. on Sept. 26.

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“Each family comes in for the event and they get a passport and we will have 20 different displays of different countries and each display will have items relating to that specific country,” said Danielle Galambos, assistant librarian.

The items will be magazines, books and movies.

The person will make an educated guess what country they think the media is from, and if they get it right, they get a sticker with that country’s flag on a passport they will receive. If they guess one product from every country they have a display item from, they will receive a prize donated by Tim Hortons.

“It’s not a race. You come at your leisure and you do it at your own pace.”

Galambos said the goal of the event is to make people aware of other cultures they may not see or talk about every day.

Culture Days, which the event is in conjunction with, is a national, collaborative movement designed to raise awareness, accessibility, participation and engagement of all Canadians in the arts and cultural life of their communities.

Galambos had difficulty finding some media that didn’t explicitly say the country it’s from.

“Especially about history or holidays and food – were really hard to find without that country’s name in the title. I just finished ordering all these books for the last country today.”

The event is intended for groups. It is not recommended for youth to do it alone under 12, as they may have difficulty.

“We will have Indigenous people’s cultural items that will be lent to us by the Tisdale Museum on display in our display case for people to view during these activities we’re having,” Galambos said. “We’ve included the Aboriginal culture in with Canada; we wanted to have something that represents just them. That’s why we went with the museum items in the display case.”

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