Tisdale Kinettes holding scavenger hunt

TISDALE — The Tisdale Kinettes are holding a community-wide scavenger hunt – with a prize.

“We were just trying to find a way to connect with our community in a way that was safe for everybody,” said Lindsey Keays, president of the Tisdale Kinettes. “We wanted to get everybody to go out and get excited about something, and give them a chance to win a prize.”

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Keays said if the pandemic continues, community-wide scavenger hunts will become a recurring activity.

“We were thinking every 15 days, sort of refreshing and doing a new one. We might do one in the future that involves some of Tisdale’s history – just find unique ways to challenge the community.”

For this month’s scavenger hunt, there are 15 challenges that are made to be completed in one outing.

The challenges include various tasks from around the community including “count how many stripes there are on the Tisdale bee”, and “find three windows decorated around the community.”

Keays said these challenges were picked just to get community members taking notice of things they would normally miss when walking by.

Other challenges were things that support the community, such as “donate a cereal based item to the food bank when you order your groceries (our food bank is short on cereal & granola bars).”

“We reached out to the food bank about any items they were in need of, so we did include that on the scavenger hunt. Just to donate a cereal or granola bar to the food bank because they’re short of that right now.”

People who complete the hunt can comment a picture of themselves doing one of the tasks on the Tisdale Kinettes Facebook page to be entered into a draw for a $50 Tisdale Florist gift card. A link can be found at facebook.com/tisdalekinettes/posts/1119926421675537.

The draw will take place on April 30.

Keays said that the Tisdale Florist was selected because the Kinettes wanted to find a way to support a local business that has been impacted by the pandemic.

“We chose the flower shop because she’s still bringing inspiration to the community, but are having to do it in a different avenue. We wanted to support her.”

The Kinettes are not asking for a photo for every task. Keays said there is an expectation of trust that the challenger will have completed the tasks before submitting their photo.

Competitors are also expected to maintain social distancing while completing the challenges.

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