North East SPCA members to sleep in cages

EAST CENTRAL — Staff and board members of the North East SPCA (NESPCA) are livestreaming their nights sleeping in kennel cages as part of a fundraiser for the Harry and Eve Vickar Shelter in Melfort.

Kristy Mason, the NESPCA’s shelter manager said that they had first discussed this as a fundraiser after North Battleford’s SPCA ran a similar one with success.

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“We’ve changed it a little bit,” Mason said. “They did it that people could go home after they reached a certain mark but with us we’re going to stay the full time, but we’re also going to bring in mystery guests.”

From June 1 to 5, participating staff and board members will each have their own kennel in, being provided with bedding that would typically be given to animals.

Mason said this is to help create awareness of what life is like for a shelter animal.

“It’s actually pretty nice here. They have a 4x8 kennel, a cement floor but they do have prada beds, which are raised off the ground, and then they also get blankets,” she said. “That’s basically what we’ll be running with, which is significantly less than what we’re used to at home.”

Each day, the participants have a goal of reaching at least $500. Whoever raises the most will be given the opportunity to pick a challenge for participants to attempt that night.

These challenges can include things such as the handstand challenge. The handstand challenge requires a person to put on a T-shirt while doing a handstand.

“It’s way harder than it sounds,” Mason said.

A different mystery guest will be brought in to spend one night in a kennel if they do not reach their personal pledge goal of $500 before 8 p.m.

“It will be some political figures and some people who are pretty well known in the communities.”

The NESPCA’s total goal for this event is to raise $5,000 by June 5 at 5 p.m.

Donations can be made to The challenges can be viewed live on the North East SPCA Facebook page at

“Tune in to watch us try to survive sleeping like the dogs do, it’s going to be interesting. I feel like we’re going to have some sore muscles in the morning.”

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