Nipawin Library rolls out spring crafts

NIPAWIN — The Nipawin Public Library has made a new craft kit with a festive spring egg design called “Peek-a-boo” eggs.

This is part of their craft kit program, which has a themed kit designed every week for youth in the community to access.

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This craft is designed for ages five and up with parental supervision.

“It looked like fun, I wanted to make one and I’m not a really crafty person,” said Nancy Budd, Nipawin’s branch librarian.

“Given the time of year there is a break coming up so you want something for them (children) to do.”

To make this craft, community members will need a glue gun, clothespin, hard cardboard or craft foam, and scissors.

First, cut the egg shape out of the cardboard. While the size may vary, the crafter may not want to make it any bigger than the average egg for later steps. Next, decorate the egg. The decorator can choose an assortment of patterns or decorations.

Once decorated, the crafter will be cutting a jagged line through the middle of the egg going horizontal, separating the two halves.

The next step is to cut out a baby chick (or another hatchling).  A thumb may be traced for body reference, with the beak, eyes and any other features drawn in separately.

Once the pieces are ready, they will need to be glued together. The chick will be glued to the bottom half of the egg shell, and then both, now separate, halves of the egg will be glued onto the clothespin.

“You can use craft glue, but the drying time will be longer, so a glue gun works nicely,” Budd said.

If completed correctly, opening the clothespin should lift the shell revealing the hatchling inside.

Craft kits with the materials, minus the glue and scissors, may be picked up from the Nipawin Public Library while supplies last.

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