NEOSS hosting Tisdale parking lot party

TISDALE — North East Outreach and Support Services (NEOSS) is holding a live outdoor concert in Tisdale, where attendees will listen to the music in their vehicles.

“It’s a fundraiser for the North East Outreach and Support Services, and it’s a way for us to encourage positive social distancing and give people an opportunity to get out, have some fun, enjoy themselves and return to a little bit of normalcy in our situation,” said Louise Schweitzer, NEOSS' executive director.

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The music will be provided by Constant Reminder, which is a local band of brothers from James Smith Cree Nation. They specialize in a variety of genres including country, hip hop, old time, as well as rock and roll.

Cole Constant, lead singer with the band, said the audience can expect a mostly 60s and 70s concert, with some original songs and modern mixed in.

“We’re a band of brothers and we just want everybody to get together and have fun,” Constant said.

“Constant Reminder is about our home first, our loved ones first, and our family first. So our music is trying to bring everybody to be happy, and energetic and share that bit of a passion for music.”

The event is being held on July 17 at 7 p.m. out of the Bruce Schapansky auction site.

Tickets can be found at

“It’s a great way to support North East Outreach and Support Services and once again, it’s a venue, it’s something that allows you to get out and have some fun,” Schweitzer said. “Have some fun in a safe social distancing or physical distancing way with your community members.”

For any questions, NEOSS can be reached at 306-752-9464.

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