Impact dancers compete internationally online

HUMBOLDT — Humboldt dancers through the Impact Dance Company had one last chance to perform their moves for the season, competing with dancers from four different countries and 19 American states.

“I think the competition went well, our kids certainly did well, but I think it was such a different situation than we would normally be in. That virtual versus reality is quite different,” said Kylie Redl-Gosselin, Impact’s co-owner.

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“Our kids usually are in the studio between 15 to 20 hours a week, and they had a month off and then we offered up this competition to them, so it gave them very little time to prep.”

The videos were streamed together over April 25 by All-In Dance Championships out of Iowa. The performances themselves were previously filmed in studio.

The Impact dancers had set different times to go into their studio to reduce the risk of COVID-19. At the studio, the parents filmed their child’s routine to play for the competition.

In total, 20 Impact dancers competed in 39 dances.

Only soloists were able to compete due to social distancing. 

Redl-Gosselin said the championship gave some of her students a chance to dance one last time before the season ends.

“It gave them something to look forward to for a while, and everyone got to watch dancing this weekend, which was a treat.”

While Redl-Gosselin said it was a positive experience, it’s not the same as getting to perform in front of a live crowd.

“Having to dance at a studio with your costume on compared to dancing on a stage with your costume on is very, very different feelings for them. Having just their mom or their dad recording their video without an audience is just night and day.”

Some of the students who performed have qualified to return for the next level of competition.

“That’s on them if they choose to do it. As far as our club, our studio, we’re done for the season.”

Redl-Gosselin said the online competition was a great opportunity, but they hope they never have to do it again.

“They’ve been working so hard for competition and recital, and it was all kind of taken from them a little too soon,” she said. “They didn’t have the opportunity to get on stage at all this year, so this was a bit of a letdown – but if we look forward into 2021, we hope the kids can get onstage and have a proper year.”



Junior Tap 1st place overall – Rowan Clement

Teen Ballet 1st place overall – Hope Beggs

Senior Hip Hop 1st place overall – Gage Gosselin

Senior Musical Theatre 1st place overall – Gage Gosselin

Teen Tap Duet 1st place overall – Jaya and Rowan Clement

Jr. Overall High Score winners

10th place – Rowan Clement (Tap Solo)

9th place – Kabrie Odelein (Hip Hop Solo)

Teen Overall High Score winners

12th place – Hope Beggs (Tap Solo)

9th place – Jaya Clement (Hip Hop Solo)

3rd place – Jaya and Rowan Clement (Tap Duet)

Senior Overall High Score Winners

13th place – Hannah Friesen (Contemporary Solo)

9th place - Maria Polimac (Tap Solo)

8th Place – Paige Barlage (Contemporary Solo)

7th place – Gage Gosselin (Hip Hop Solo)



Suri Armstrong (Jazz) Silver

Suri Armstrong (Musical Theatre) Gold

Kabrie Odelein (Hip Hop) High Gold

Boey Tamme (Hip Hop) Gold

Sophia Paslowski (Tap) Gold

Rowan Clement (Tap) High Gold

Hope Beggs (Ballet) Gold

Jaya Clement (Hip Hop) High Gold

Tessa Cannon (Hip Hop) Gold

Ella Schlachter (Jazz) Gold

Hope Beggs (Jazz) - High Gold

Hope Beggs (Lyrical) Gold

Ainsley Burton (Musical Theatre) Silver

Hope Beggs (Song&Dance) Gold

Tessa Cannon (Musical Theatre) Silver

Hope Beggs (Tap) High Gold

Jaya Clement (Tap) Silver

Kierstyn Holaday (Musical Theatre) Gold

Gwendylan Burton (Musical Theatre) Silver

Maria Polimac (Modern) High Gold

Paige Barlage (Modern) Gold

Paige Barlage (Contemporary) High Gold

Maria Polimac (Hip Hop) Gold

Paige Barlage (Hip Hop) Gold

Maria Polimac (Jazz) Gold

Paige Barlage (Jazz) Gold

Maria Polimac (Lyrical) Gold

Paige Barlage (Lyrical) High Gold

Emily Applegate (Ballet) Gold

Maria Polimac (Tap) High Gold

Paige Barlage (Tap) High Gold

Gage Gosselin (Hip Hop) High Gold

Gage Gosselin (Song and Dance) Gold

Breanna Barlage (Modern) High Gold

Hannah Friesen (Contemporary) High Gold

Breanna Barlage (Contemporary) High Gold

Breanna Barlage (Tap) High Gold

Jaya and Rowan (Tap Duet) High Gold

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