Humboldt Terry Fox Run still happening, but in smaller groups

HUMBOLDT — The annual tradition of the Terry Fox Run in Humboldt will continue, with participants hitting the street split into individual runs.

“You just go out and you walk, or run, or bike that day,” said Teri Tarrant, Humboldt’s Terry Fox Run organizer.

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“Anyone can go out and participate, and you register online that you are participating, and then you can make your donations online.”

The run takes place on Sept. 20. Due to the virtual nature, runs can take place any time during the day.

Tarrant said with individual runs, people can choose their own groups and have a chance to limit contact in the pandemic.

“This way people can choose who they are around when participating, rather than everybody just gathering and a whole bunch of people inter-mingling with each other. Everybody can stay with their safe group and still support a good cause.”

Typically, the run raises anywhere $2,000 to $5,000 annually in Humboldt. Tarrant feels that while they have a core group of supporters, the number will be lower this year, just because less people know the run is still happening.

“I just hope everyone comes out and supports it again. Usually we have a decent amount of people that come out and support it every year,” she said. “I hope even though this year is different, that supporters continue to support the run.”

Registrations can be filled out at

Money raised goes to the Terry Fox Foundation for cancer research.

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