Humboldt’s Auroraman receives $8,000 grant

HUMBOLDT — Humboldt’s own Auroraman comic series has received an $8,000 Independent Artists grant from Saskatchewan Arts Board that is going to a 48-page graphic novel.

The Adventures of Auroraman: Good Times in the Badlands, which will serve as issue 8 in the series, will follow Auroraman taking a group of students on a field trip to Drumheller, only to have a prehistoric threat emerge.

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“It will integrate some fun with dinosaurs, which has been a huge favourite of mine since I was a child,” said Jeff Burton, writer and team lead.

“This issue was co-scripted, friend of mine from Saskatoon… He approached me with this idea about, ‘What if we did a story based out of Drumheller?’”

The story will take up 37 pages of the novel, with the other pages featuring four different short stories.

According to Burton, the $8,000 will be used entirely for creation expenses.

“The arts grants are designed to pay for the artist’s work, they won’t cover anything printing related, but they will cover artist fees – because they want to make sure artists are supported,” Burton said.

“So that’s a huge contribution to the overall cost of producing this issue.”

Illustrations for the main story are done by Derrick Burns, who also did art for issue 7 of the comic. Three of the short stories are illustrated by Sharon Gauthier, with the other being done by James Zintel.

The Adventures of Auroraman: Good Times in the Badlands is planned for release by early May.

Copies can be purchased from Reel Attractions.

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