Humboldt Kinettes selling frozen pizza kits for TeleMiracle fundraising

HUMBOLDT — To raise funds for this year’s TeleMiracle, the Humboldt and District Kinettes are selling Little Caesars Pizza Kits.

“Pizzas are always a great fundraiser around Humboldt,” said Kelly Soderholm, president of the club.

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“I’ve had these personally so it was kind of me that said, ‘Hey, these are really great, these are fun, they’re fast.’”

For each pizza sold, the Humboldt Kinettes receive $6 to go to TeleMiracle.

TeleMiracle is part of the Kinsmen Foundation, which provides funding to Saskatchewan residents requiring special needs equipment, as well as travel assistance to those needing to leave their community to access life-saving medical treatment.

Funding is also provided to institutions and health foundations to purchase specialized, new or innovating equipment to improve health care.

Traditionally, the city’s Kinettes would host a pancake breakfast in collaboration with the Knights of Columbus to raise funds for Telemiracle. This brings them about $1,600.

Soderholm said due to the pandemic, the breakfast isn’t a possibility this year, and instead they’ll be attempting to raise the funds with the pizzas.

“We thought of this one because the pizzas are frozen. When you pick them up you’re not contacting anybody, nobody is coming in my house, they’ll be outside, [and] you pick them up.”

She finds she personally likes the kits because of the preparation speed and taste.

“You get the pizza crust, you spread your sauce on, you get your cheese and your meat with it, and they’re ready in like 10 minutes,” she said.

“Right now when you’re raising kids you need fast things, and they’re fun because you get to make them yourself.”

Detailed instructions on how to place an order can be found on the Humboldt and District Kinettes Facebook page.

For people who are struggling with placing an order, Soderholm said would be willing to assist. She can be contacted at 306-231-6079.

All online orders will be delivered to the Kinettes on March 11, and must be paid by credit card at the time of purchase.

TeleMiracle 45 will take place on Feb. 27 and 28. The show can be watched either by livestreaming it from or on CTV.

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