Humboldt Collegiate visual arts students show off to the public

HUMBOLDT — A new annual event aims to allow Humboldt Collegiate’s visual arts students to show off their hard work to the public.

The high school held its inaugural art coffee house on Jan. 23.

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“Because so many of my students work so hard,” said Chole Monz, the visual arts teacher, “I really wanted to push their hard work and their beautiful talents into more of a broader audience and get them more involved in the community in what they do.”

Aidan Hergott was one of the students showing off his work at the show. His piece, an oil painting on watercolour canvas, depicts four masks on a field of flowers. The work is dedicated to his grandparents.

“They've represented a lot of things that I look up to, and I wanted to do something for them because they're really special to me,” he said.

“The masks actually represent my grandpa and the flowers represent my grandma.”

His grandfather used to work as an RCMP officer in the North, where he became inspired by the culture in the area’s indigenous community.

“When he went to B.C. he was really inspired to make these masks and so he has this indigenous style in them,” Hergott said.

“The flowers represent my grandpa because she absolutely loves daisies and flowers and all kinds of stuff and she has a beautiful garden.”

The artist said his piece took around two and a half months to make.

“It was pretty difficult to get it what I wanted it to look like, but I'm pretty happy with it now.”

There were around 40 students from visual arts 10, 20 and 30 classes displaying their work. They had to submit at least three pieces each, with many submitting more.

The visual arts programs mostly focus on 2-D paintings and drawings, but does some sculptures and 3-D pieces.

“Overall I'm really proud of how they've done this semester and how hard they've worked to create quality creative pieces,” Monz said.

There was also music performed by Humboldt Collegiate students at the art coffee house.

Hergott said he was happy with the event.

“I really like how they have people performing on the stage and the way it's all set up, so you can just walk around and look and see it,” he said. “I think as the years go by, it's going to become something really special and something that a lot of people can express themselves within the community. I think it's really cool.”

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