Carrot River-sourced hemp a feature in new beer

CARROT RIVER—Rebellion Brewing Company is creating a new beer, using hemp seeds farmed in and cleaned in Carrot River.

Each beer comes in a can with a label reading “Saskatchewan’s Outback Hemp Beer.” The word “Outback” is in Carrot River’s custom font.

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“It’s a very Saskatchewan story,” said Miranda Blaber, Carrot River’s community development manager. “We have small businesses connecting with small communities connecting with local industry creating something totally unique, which is going to continue to drive the industry in our province.”

Blaber said that back in the spring of 2019, Carrot River’s economic development co-ordinator at the time, Maggie Doerksen, reached out to Rebellion Brewing Company.

“Doerksen started planting seeds about, ‘Hey Rebellion, we have something you guys might want to get on.’”

After continued conversations with the company, and a company visit to the community to meet local producers—Rebellion agreed.

“They made the decision, ‘Yeah, let’s make an Outback ale, and we want to do it with hemp sourced from Carrot River.’ One thing led to another and we’re here with a very, very cool can label, and we’re excited to try it.”

The beer will be available for purchase at the Carrot River Co-op at 1013 Main Street, starting on March 21.

Blaber said there were originally plans to have a big release during the town’s trade show, but due to social distancing around COVID-19 the event was cancelled.

At the time of unveiling, the only places to purchase the beer will be the Carrot River Co-op or Rebellion Brewing Company’s taproom.

On March 23, other vendors will be gaining access to the product.

“People are going to be drinking it thinking, ‘Saskatchewan’s Outback? What’s the heck? Carrot River?’ How cool is that?”

Blaber said the beer is planned to be available for the foreseeable future.

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