Carlton Trail Ski Club hosts fun ski, shows vintage video

HUMBOLDT — It was a chance for people to cross-country ski and see some history in action.

The Carlton Trail Ski Club hosted its Flatland Fun Ski at the Humboldt Golf Club on Jan. 5.

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“It's not a race. This is just for fun,” said Crystal Clarke, a director for the club. “It's a fundraiser for the club and just an opportunity for people to get out and get together, have a meal, do some skiing.”

The money goes towards hosting races and loppets, as well as maintaining the club’s trails.

“We have a great group crew of people that get out there and make sure the trails are groomed and ready for skiers anytime,” Clarke said.

“We're very grateful for the go to the golf course for letting us use their facility,” said Walter Bushman, also a club director. “We've had a long relationship with the golf course and it's great to have trails in town here.”

This year, the golf club has simulators in the clubhouse.

“When I was talking to them about it, they mentioned that you could also watch videos on it and so I thought it would tie in really well with the club if we ran a few basic ski videos,” Bushman said.

Not only did the club have videos giving tips on how to ski better, one of the club members also had videos of the club’s activities back when it was starting out.

“They show some of the earliest days of the Carlton Trail Ski Club out of Dixon before there was actually groomed trails,” Bushman said. “They just go out and ski in the hills. It's come a long way since then.”

The club is planning to host a provincial ski race at Dixon next weekend, on Saturday, Jan. 12, depending on the temperature.

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