Sheena Cacchioni

Trail, B.C.

In a Fleeting Moment

Young lives were taken far too soon and it’s left us wondering why

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So precious young men all of you were, it’s hard to say goodbye.

No one has the answers as we’re left with broken hearts

but knowing you’re in heaven is a comfort and healing start.

This is a family’s nightmare it seems you can’t awake

But see your son’s beautiful smile and carry on for his sake.

Memories are a beautiful thing, they help to ease the pain

 Reminds you he lived life to the fullest, never lived in vain.

He feels your grief and sorrow but asks one thing of you:

“Remember that I love you and I know you love me too”.

These tears that wet our face and our hearts left with a hole

In that fleeting moment it changed our lives and soul.

Oh, if you could only hold him tight and whisper in his ear

I will love you, for always, my beautiful son my dear.

© Copyright Humboldt Journal

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