Rosemary Lutter

Vancouver, B.C., formerly of Saskatoon and Goodsoil, Sask.

My condolences.  Growing up on a farm outside Goodsoil, Saskatchewan, listening to hockey games on the radio, I wept, as do millions. Below a poem I wrote ...

With Us Still

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We can’t believe it, they are gone, oh no.

We huddle altogether as we weep.

It cannot be, this loss, say it’s not so.

We know, deep down, their lives they always keep.

Their true identity, as does our own,

Lives on beyond their merely mortal form,

The who-they-are beyond this flesh and bone.

This knowing who-we-are does life transform.

Their goodness, joy, vitality, lives still.

The who-they-are in spirit we can feel,

Their love and faithfulness and their good will.

Their presence in the spirit us can heal.

They touch us with their love and angel wings

This is the comfort that the Spirit brings.

A poem in memory of the Humboldt Broncos, tragic accident on Friday, April 6, 2018

© Copyright Humboldt Journal

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