Monica Lipinski

Fosston, Sask.

Humboldt Broncos April 6, 2018

They had practiced every drill

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Thinking about strategy and skill.

Ambition of winning was their aim,

To beat their opponents, to stay in the game

Weekly road travel on the bus,

A common occurrence for many of us.

A semi truck comes out of the blue,

Life as we know it, seems so untrue.

A tragedy no one saw coming,

Devastation, then responders running.

Everyone scrambling, what to do first.

Which way to turn, to help the worst.

Twenty-nine people, a bus full of fun.

A minute later, life is undone,

None of what happened was in the plans,

Sending fifteen people into God’s loving hands.

Fourteen injured, but still alive.

The pain of recovery, for which they strive.

Loss of family, they will never be the same.

Helping each other, is the name of the game.

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