Lindsay Burke

Elmvale District High School, Elmvale Ont.

Another long bus ride across the same old roads,

Boys slowly becoming men through the hockey season’s cold.

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Reminiscing about long past games and favourite plays

Down the twisted, turning 35 highway.

Bonding over memories, future dreams,

Green jerseys and NHL teams.

The nation cries for you.

If Gordie were here, he’d say the words much better

Don’t worry, he’ll be ready with a stick and a sweater,

For you.

And don’t worry about your parents, your sister or brother,

We’re all down here and gonna hold them together,

For you.

And trust me we know that none of this is right,

losing you young boys all in one dark night.

You should be down here, growing older each day

Teaching your own boys how to skate and play.

The nation prays for you.

Don’t worry, you won’t ever be forgotten

You did too much in your time for that to happen.

We’ll see all of you in our own boy’s faces

Everytime we bend down to tie skate laces.

When we wake before sun to get to early practice,

It will never make sense, but we just have to accept it.

The nation remembers you.

If Gordie were here, he’d say the words much better

Look for him there, he’s in a Humboldt sweater.

Don’t you worry about us down here,

The nation’s looking up at you.

God bless all of you.

© Copyright Humboldt Journal

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