Julianne Popel

We are humbled

when a community is created

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between two points.

From the


and the now.

-The right now.

We are humbled

when we have support untamed.

No fences

bar the way.

The mustang

breaks a gait wide open

to achieve speed that takes our breath away.

When the bronco bucks

himself free of the saddle

we are humbled,

for a moment,

and then saddened

in knowing it’s corralled.

It’s then that we can we grasp

the time we’ve been given

and the blessings we designate

to our history.

In a moment the page turns

and we are to be humbled in the mystery.

Live a life that isn’t haltered

by what tomorrow could bring

and leave your heart open,

stay strong,

the next instant could be anything.

© Copyright Humboldt Journal

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