Gordon Mcleod

My grandson Dexter Mcleod and  I attended the service for Conner Lukan in Slave Lake.
The reason we attended was to show respect for Conner and support for his family and loved ones. Such painthey must have gone through and they must be going through. Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with them.
Dexters connection to Conner was as a team mate with the Spruce Grove Saints. He dressed in the stall next to Conner. On the trip to Slave Lake he quietly reminised about Conner. Based on his comments his parents should be so proud.
My connection to Conner was as a hockey spectator. And what a pleasure he was to watch. He was a very tough player and it sure showed in many aspects of his game but his shot blocking and taking one for the team was something few players could do as well.
And how he could spark the team. When the team needed a bit of a lift there was Conner with one of his patented checks. Not dirty but everyone in the arena immediately sat up and took notice that a player had just been rocked. And of course both teams noticed too. One to their dismay.
I must mention how well, in such a horrible situation, the people of Humboldt comported themselves. They represented the truth of small city and  rural Saskatchewan.
There is one person, although there could be many others,  that I would like to mention and that is Broncos President Kevin Garinger. How he conducted himself publicly in the aftermath of the tragedy was so compassionate and appropriate.
He and his wife gave the Eulogy in Slave Lake and it was so well done. Your community is richer for having them as active participants.
Love to all.
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