Elaine Brodie, courtesy of Lonnie Tkach

Courtenay, B.C., former Nipawin Hawk

A poem dedicated to the parents and billets of the Humboldt Broncos

Humboldt Forever in Our Hearts

Noisy crowds sporting jerseys

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Skates, hockey sticks, pucks and referees!

It’s such a familiar sight

And a real genuine Canadian hockey night.


Youngsters hope for the big time.

Ice crackles, players change lines

While parents smile, always proud.

Cheers keep growing and getting loud.


Then a regular trip for another game

Almost there, then all is changed!

A young active hockey team

And suddenly a horrific scene….


Everyone is asking why

And so many of us just cry.

Such a great dark cloud of grief

And people are looking for relief.


Canada and the whole world feels the pain.

Then in response action came.

Local mothers set up a “go fund me”

Just being part of the hockey family.


The money flowed in and grew.

It told its’ own story, and everyone knew

Support and love was there.

Then a trend showed extra care.


Set a hockey stick at the door

And it said so much more

With the porch light on

It meant these players are not gone.


In hockey they will always play a part.

They will forever live in Canada’s heart.

And across the whole country

Quietly crowds move about sporting jerseys.

© Copyright Humboldt Journal

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