Donna Cady

Boise, Idaho

We are a large hockey community here , in fact, we used to have Bobby Hull’s son call our hockey games.

I had a friend of mine who used to be a police officer, hockey player and father of six children and now lives in Denver, Colorado contact me to say he was devastated by the loss and would like to donate to a fundraiser if it is still needed. Their NFL team is called the Denver Broncos.

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Here in Boise our college football team is called the Boise Broncos and we pride ourselves in being called Bronco Nation. Another friend called me and she and I became rather emotional about the loss of the kids. We want Canada to know that everyone here in the US is truly heartbroken and sends our thoughts and prayers for the families involved. I am still a proud to be Canadian after living in the US for 35 years.

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