Barbara Baer Pillay

Edmonton, Alta

Can everything broken
be written back into place?
Can words ever be enough
when all say -
there are no words to be said
The devastation complete
The horror of men-children
strewn across the prairie
Sinew and bone and blood
Can they be put back together?
Is there light at the end of the tunnel?
Is there grief that goes away?
How long…. how long…. how long?
If there is any light, it is this -
We know now that the grief, the pain, the horror
Cannot be buried under the prairie sky
In the frozen fields
It must be -
walked through
wailed through
waited through
Permission must be given
For the bubbling up of regret recrimination and resolve
- to get through this
Again and again and yet…..again
Til grace outweighs numbness
And words take shape of glorious memory
Only then can we say
words can help the broken
And if they are lucky (and I pray that they are)
their broken hearts will take the shape of
Their loved one
Carved into their very being
So that they -
they can get on with the living.
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© Copyright Humboldt Journal

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