Thursday October 02, 2014

  • Two-day Culture Day craze

    Sooraya Durgahee's tattoos were very popular among the locals during Culture Days on Sept. 26 and 27. They were intricate, beautiful, and done completely freehand.

  • Residents get new experiences during Culture Days

    Humboldt residents were exposed to a wide variety of arts and culture as part of the Canada-wide Culture Days on Sept. 26 and 27.

  • HCI takes second in volleyball tournament

    Ten high school volleyball teams congregated at Humboldt Collegiate Institute for the annual Invitational Volleyball Tournament on Sept. 26 and 27.

Top Headlines

Poetry slam a reciting jam

By Melanie JacobJournal When it comes to poetry, most people...

Sculpting a legacy from Culture Days

By Melanie JacobJournal While not as busy as some of the other...

The living pulse of the Have a Heart marathon

By Melanie JacobJournal Their numbers may not have been as high as ...

New polytechnic proclamation provides degree opportunities

By Melanie JacobJournal With the recent proclamation of the...

Local author takes company to task in new book

by Robin TarnowetzkiJournal Staff Writerrtarnowetzki@humboldtjournal.caBefore Sheila Bautz’s...

Lighting the flame of activism close to home

For the first time ever, the internationally recognized human rights group Amnesty International...

Sports Hall of Fame inductees chosen

By Melanie JacobJournal With nominations over, the Humboldt Sports ...

Broncos break out buffet for the community

By Robin TarnowetzkiJournal Staff The Humboldt Broncos...

Broncos teach the next generation of athletes

by Robin TarnowetzkiJournal Staff Writerrtarnowetzki@humboldtjournal.caThe sun is still hot and the ...

Top of the judges' pick

Out of all the judges in Canada, Jocelyn Moe was one of two females selected to be a judge for the...

Participants dive right into summer program

By Robin TarnowetzkiJournal Staff It’s almost the...

Broncos moving in on new bench boss

By Kelly FriesenJournal The Humboldt Broncos have made major...

Local Sports

Hergott suits up in major hoops tourney

by  KELLY FRIESEN Journal editor Humboldt native Brianne Hergott suited up with the best of...

Hering represents HCI at Canada Cup

by  KELLY FRIESEN Journal editor Tristan Hering represented the HCI Mohawks at the U18...

Peewee Dodgers win Saskatoon 'AAA' tourney

by  KELLY FRIESEN Journal editor The Humboldt peewee Dodgers drove out of Saskatoon on July...

Recent News

It's okay to see colour

I’m brown. Both of my parents were born in India, but moved here a few decades...

Being a fan doesn't excuse your responsibility

by Melanie JacobJournal Editor Anyone who...

Culvert cuts flooding at highway junction

By Melanie JacobJournal

A staple of the Prairies featured in gallery

Like most kids growing up in Saskatchewan in the 1920s and ‘30s, Greg Raskob...

Alberta police seize $10 million in drugs during massive steroid bust

EDMONTON - The Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team says it has made a massive steroid bust in...

DND slashed ammo order in 2014, raising questions about prep for Iraq mission

OTTAWA - National Defence slashed its annual order of ammunition this year to save money a...


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